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Playing In Minecraft – Learning For The First Time (For Beginners)

Playing In Minecraft

Minecraft is a very good game for developing imagination and it also helps with the learning of a child.

Playing In Minecraft is about using your imagination.

It is based on many stuff like building your self a huge creation and more.

You can make lots of unique and different things.

This video below will show you lots of secret things that you can make in Minecraft…

To get Minecraft first you have to buy it on the play store, but it will cost some US Dollars to download it.

Minecraft can be hard for starters but don’t worry soon you will get a hang of it just keep on practicing and you will be as good as new.

For starters, I will recommend this game called {PAPER MINECRAFT} it is a very nice game to me and it is free online, but the best part is you do not have to purchase it which is very nice.

Prestonplayz is a very good Minecrafter, he is amazing at building things and I will recommend him to.

The new villager and pillager update is here, there are different types of villagers now, and the pillagers have super cool bows now that {Mojang} added to the game.

You can play Minecraft on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, and the Xbox One.


For kinda big kids like me, I prefer to play creative rather than survival in Minecraft.

Survival is a bit of a challenge to me because you have to get all of the materials to survive.

In survival in Minecraft, you must get the materials to make things for example a fence to make a chicken pen, Cow pen, pigpen, and a horse pen.

First, you need to get wood and sticks and place it like this:

Playing In Minecraft

  1. In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid.
  2. To make an oak fence, place 4 oak wood planks and 2 sticks in the 3×3 crafting grid.
  3. and that is how y0u make a fence in Minecraft

Here is some further information about survival in Minecraft.

This is a picture of when I was playing survival in Paper Minecraft

Playing survival in Paper Minecraft



    • First, you get a bucket and you can full it up with water.
    • Then you dig two spaces in the groud and you fill it up with water.
    • Then grab some wheat seed are any other seed you can grow in your farm.
    • Place the seeds near the water it depends on where you put the water.
    • And then you will have to look after your crops or else mobs can come and destroy your lovely crops.

After a couple of days or probably some hours or minutes you will have a beautiful farm you can name your farm with a sign.

But let me not just take about farming and all the other things in Paper Minecraft, let me talk about (How To Play Creative In Paper Minecraft)


For big kids or even little kids, they like to play creatively in Paper Minecraft.

Survival is a bit of a challenge to me because you have to get all of the materials to survive and food and all the things you need to get in order to survive.

With creative mode in Paper Minecraft, you can get all the materials you need to build anything you would want to build in Paper Minecraft.

The first thing in creative mode in Paper Minecraft I want I usually do is to make a house with the modern-looking wood.

And then I place down the stuff that you would want in a Minecraft house like (Bed, Chest, Crafting Table) and so on.

And after that, I would go outside to make a farm of cows, chicken, and a wheat farm. And I will put a chest near each one of the farms.

And when the chickens start producing eggs I take the eggs and I put them in the chest that I left there earlier, and I do the same for the cows and the wheat.

And then I will go collect an egg from the chicken pen, and I will milk the cows three times and I will get three buckets of milk,  then I harvest the wheat and the sugar cane on the field I planted it on.

Then on the crafting table, I will do this:

Playing in Minecraft

And that is how I make a delicious cake in Paper Minecraft, and no the crafting table does not look like this in Paper Minecraft it looks very different from this one I have here.

The mobs, materials, and the land are very wonderful in their own way, so some mobs, materials, and land might have their own way of looking.

A pig in a Minecraft game might have a diamond helmet on its head, and it can be the same with the other mobs, materials, and land it just depends on which Minecraft game you are on.

In (Paper Minecraft) you can do all the stuff you would like to do as if you were in the real Minecraft game.

I have a youtube channel called Jayanne Foster I haven’t uploaded any videos on it yet so you can’t see my channel.

But soon you will be able to get nice videos of Paper Minecraft or the real Minecraft and other things.

And so once I have decided to put something on it you can watch nice videos.

There on my youtube channel, you will see most of the stuff I do with Paper Minecraft and other stuff related to it like,, and so on.

Which one do you think is better Paper Minecraft or Minecraft?

Use your imagination to design a Minecraft building such as a mansion, or theater.

What will you design? How about you ask your friends to do a challenge on how to build something creative.

There are online servers that you can use if you want a bit more fun on Minecraft.

There are all kinds of servers about Minecraft for example you can do a server about park-core and test if you can get further than your friends.

Also, guys check out my


Thank you for reading (Playing in Minecraft-Learning for the first time-Build House Games

It was a pleasure for Me to be sharing my website with you and I hope you read this.

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